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Translations, proofreading and copywriting

Our services

We offer translation services in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as proofreading and copywriting services in a sustained professional manner.

Our expertise

  • Our expertise lies in the active knowledge of the market segments we work in, acquired through extensive professional experience completing our translation degrees.
  • We edit translations carefully and deliver them ready for print.
  • We adapt the documents to the requirements of the target group in order to give them forcefulness.
  • We are faithful to the spirit of the text to be translated and take great care to maintain the fluency of the translated text.
  • We are flexible, rapid and customer-oriented.
  • We are a well-managed team, and can guarantee high quality on an ongoing basis. 

Our presence

With offices in Zurich and Geneva we have a strong presence on the Swiss market, and are familiar with the particularities of the different language areas.